Thursday, November 12, 2009

Slight Deversion

My day got away from me today and so I've not gotten to session #3 yet! Stay tuned - maybe tomorrow I'll get 2 posts up?

I did want to share a couple of neat resources I've just discovered. If you remember, I have become our church's nursery coordinator. At first I was pretty busy just getting everything up and running... hopefully smoothly! Now I've had a bit of time to digest and get through the basics, so I decided to research some ways we can really make this a MINISTRY to our youngest little members!

Tippy Towers and Boo Blankets; Bible Play for Tiny Tots
What a fun book with age appropriate activities, poems, songs, and games to play with children ages 0-6. There aren't any huge lessons TAUGHT, but you're reinforcing simple truths in a fun manner. I've already tweaked about 6 of these ideas for our little Sleepers and Creepers.

Nursery Smart Pages
What a resource! This book has it all - reproducibles, lessons, forms, clipart, letters, training, policies, everything you need! I'm really hoping we can purchase the correlating posters and cards for our nursery.

Pray & Play Bible for Young Children
A little Bible story, pages of questions, crafts, games, songs... Rinse... Repeat! What a great book for a parent of young children looking for a way to use "Bible Story" time more thoroughly.

These books, along with a few other toddler Bible Story books I've looked through, all came to me via our public library. That's right - not a church library, not a Christian school library, but our public library. I've found that if I ask, they will provide! What a blessing to know that these great resources are available to me for free (well, I don't want to think about my taxes!). I'd encourage you to check our your local library for these, as well as other great Christian resources. If they don't have the book - ask - see what happens!

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