Monday, September 28, 2009

Nursery Ministry

How many of you work in your church nurseries?

How many of you use your church nurseries?

Before Bekah was born I knew that the nursery existed, that they needed helpful volunteers, and that it was a nice service to offer. After Bekah was born my views have changed (or perhaps I'm just more enlightened?!).

You see, Mike and I both play in the orchestra each Sunday morning. I'm one of a very small pool of pianists and Mike is the only drummer. So, we really need to play most, if not every, week. This makes the nursery very important to us!

After a few months of frustration over lack of coordination, lack of volunteers, and too many "it's not my problem if there's no one to help in the nursery even if you NEED it and I WANT it" attitudes, I decided to sign up as the nursery coordinator.

The last week I've spent countless hours re-working the manuals, policies, and forms. Yesterday I started visiting with my service team leaders and observing the nursery's runnings during the service. I'm excited to serve in this new way - hopefully to help move our nursery from "babysitting" to ministry! Hopefully to help it not become just a little germ pool but instead a happy and encouraging place for our little children.


Matt and Becky said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you! The nursery was 'just a place to drop off kids' before we had a baby :) We are so blessed to have a nursery and I have also recently enjoyed serving more there, too. My whole views about the nursery have changed -it truly is a ministry!

Michelle said...

Hey Amy! I saw your blog post via Jennifer D's blog:) This stuck out to me because I'm one of the coordinators at our church. I TOTALLY agree with you as to how nursery is a ministry - it is quite a "hidden" ministry though, as so many people still think it's babysitting, sadly! As our head coordinator says, they just don't know what they're missing out on!! If you ever need any ideas, tips, etc. on how to set things up, institute change, or whatever, I can help point you to a lot of resources. We've got a curriculum we use even for the nurseries (age 0-3)- very simple, but amazing to see the results in even very young children! Praying that the Lord will use your leadership in a powerful way:)