Saturday, November 14, 2009

Unlocking the Mystery of Marriage

Marriage has 3 purposes:

1) To Mirror God's Image
The oneness spouse's share reflects the character and unity of God.
It's a living picture of the intimate relationship between Jesus and His believers!

Wow - does our marriage actually mirror God's image? Have I ever thought about it that way before? Are we showing an intimate relationship that can only be realized in Christ?!?! Weighty challenges if you ask me!

2) To Mutually Complete One Another and to Experience Companionship
Companionship in marriage is God's provision to replace isolation and meet our deep longing for a close, intimate relationship.
Oneness is only possible in marriage when we put our spouse's needs, wants, and desires above our own!

3) To Multiply a Godly Legacy
Marriage provides the divine context for having children.
Oneness in marriage is necessary to multiply a godly legacy.
Good parenting is actually a bi-product of a good marriage! So, it's not even just about me and my spouse, it's also about my children!
Raising children is a team effort.

4) God's Purposes for Marriage are Challenged by an Opposing Force
Satan opposes dependence
Satan challenges God and all His purposes - including marriage!
Conviction, not guilt comes from God - we need to remember this in all areas.

REMEMBER, YOUR SPOUSE IS NOT YOUR ENEMY. Satan is pretty tricky. He wants you to think it's your spouse you're fighting instead of him.

Keep at it friends, together with your spouse you are creating a stronghold to hold of Satan in your home and your family.

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