Wednesday, December 8, 2010

15 Weeks and Counting

This morning I had my 15 week OB Appointment.

I was really nervous... I've been feeling a little better, having some weird aches and pains, and still can't really feel much baby movement.

Baby's heartbeat is a strong 154. Mommy's weight is going up a tiny bit (I know, I'm supposed to be thrilled and I guess it is good considering I had lost a bit in the first 11 weeks...). Everything is measuring fine. My blood pressure even wasn't too wacky at 138/70... I've seen worse!

Now we just have the diabetes concern... After being misdiagnosed/undiagnosed with Bekah (thanks to my hypoglycemia and a nurse who was a little confused at how a blood sugar issue would affect a blood sugar test...), my doctor wants to be on top of it bright and early this time.

So, at my next appointment I get lots of fun - the 1 hour glucose test (whoopie...), the 19 week ultrasound, AND it's all on my birthday so Mike will take the morning (possibly the whole day actually) off and we'll enjoy!

Actually, I found out today that Mike wants to come to most (all) of the appointments with this pregnancy like he did with Bekah - I figured he'd be "over" that, but I'm really excited he wants to come :)

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