Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to Save $172.30 a Month

Disclaimer: Now, this really isn't the safest, funnest, or smartest way to cancel a debt. We're definitely not advocating a car accident to assist you in your financial freedom. But, we are choosing to look at a frustrating, scary, and dangerous situation as something that turned out for the good of our family in the long run!

October 19, 2010
One block from home
After a long and exhausting day of morning (all day) sickness and an almost 2-year old who was in one of those moods, my darling hubs sent me out with a book to a coffee shop for a little respite. He was going to put the munchkin to bed and let me have the evening away.
I decided to run to Target to pick up Bekah's birthday gift and then to head to Panera for a nice, warm drink and a bit of alone time.
As I stopped at the 4-way stop a block from our house, I thought to myself that the car coming from my right was just going a bit too fast. But, I still drove into the intersection since it was my turn and there was a stop sign there that would obviously keep the car from running into me. WRONG
As soon as I started into the intersection I realized the car wasn't about to stop and I tried to steer away and brace for impact (is that all possible in -2.5 seconds!?)
My car was immediately smooshed, things came flying at me from the seat and passenger door, the lights/electronics shut off, and I sat there going ACK!
I hopped out of the car and called Mike. No, not the police, Mike... Don't ask. I was obviously a little shaken up! He didn't answer - he was putting Bekah to bed... That's when the pizza delivery boy witness asked if I was calling the police. Right, police... 911... that's what you do in an emergency!
So after talking with the 911 lady and the witness (who gave his number and then had to go since we were all okay and he had a pizza to deliver!) and looking over to be sure the other driver (lady and 3 year old was in the backseat) looked okay, I called Mike again - screaming into the answering machine "ANSWER THE PHONE NOW!!!" He wasn't thrilled - he said "I'm putting Bekah down" and I informed him to get her up, bundle her up, and bring her up the block because I'd been hit!
Then a wonderful lady police officer arrived - she tried to speak with the other driver, but she didn't know any English. She called a friend to come and translate. Then the police asked me if I was okay or in need of medical attention. At first I said I was fine, just sore, but then I realized I was 7 weeks 6 days pregnant. After just suffering a miscarriage a few months earlier, I was super nervous when I remembered my little guy!
EMTs were there quickly, as was Mike and Bekah. We all climbed in the ambulance to get checked out and they thought baby was fine, but did recommend I go to the OBGYN the next day.
After the ambulance, we got to the car and pulled out what we could - stroller and car seat (which has since been replaced, but we needed SOMETHING until we could get a new one!), purse, garage door opener. The firemen there said they were sure my car was totaled. The wrecker driver agreed when he came.
Then the nice police officer sent us all home as it was dark and we had little ones with us - she delivered $1600 of tickets to the other driver and brought the paperwork to our house at the end of her shift. The tickets were for failure to stop, driving without a license, an driving an uninsured car.
Our insurance agency has been great to work with - and very concerned about my health as well as the baby's.
The ultrasound I had the next day showed a perfectly growing little one - who probably had no clue the trouble mommy had been through!
When all was said and done, the insurance was able to pay off our loan and give us just enough to purchase a new car! Well, it's not new - it's a few years older than our red car, but it's in great condition. Mike's parents have been looking to sell the car for a while and asked the exact price we got from the insurance claim! We have another Honda in the family now - a 5 speed manual - it's getting easier by the day for me to drive!

I'm definitely still wary about 4-way stops. Just this morning I got a little freaked out when a guy didn't stop BEHIND the sign and instead crept towards me... Ack! I'm a more defensive driver now which is a good thing I suppose.

I do think that after an accident they should print signs for your car "I was hit at a 4-way stop - back off" and "I drive with no license, insurance, can't speak English, and just totaled my car and another lady's" as warnings for others.

I am so thankful for the Lord's protection over me and our new baby. A car is just a car. Not a big deal. The fact that I had no one riding in that seat is huge. Thank you Lord for your blessing and hand!

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