Monday, December 13, 2010

A Full Gamut of Feelings

Some days I can't believe I'm pregnant but then some days I can't believe I'm not 26 weeks pregnant instead of almost 16

Some days I'm so excited to be having another baby that I forget I lost one a few months ago but other days I just wish I was able to meet that little guy

Some days I can't remember what it's like to even have a newborn and then on other days I just want the baby here so we can be a family of 4

Some days I wish I was almost done being pregnant and then other days I realize that means life will be even different

Some days I'm positive that I don't want to find out "what we're having" since we didn't with Bekah and the surprise was fun but then other days I freak out wondering what happens if we have no appropriate clothing if we have a boy - although, really, does it matter since everything we have is heavy and wintery warm and this baby will be born in the spring?


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