Monday, December 7, 2009

Perhaps Chivalry Isn't Dead

You know, there are just some little things that people do to make your day! I had the pleasure of meeting two fine, chivalrous gentlemen today.

The first was in the Target parking lot.
I had emptied my cart of my purchases and was struggling with a car seat
and a strong willed, unhappy baby. This nice man walked by, said
"Are you done with your cart?" And when I told him I was he said he
was walking right past the cart corral and he'd take it for me.
Seriously. What a kind gesture to an overwhelmed mommy out on a ridiculously cold morning!

The second was in the LONG line at the Post Office (note to self - December 7th at high noon - NOT a good time to run to the USPS)
I was trying to hold a poofy coated toddler, a purse, and a
large box ready to go to an ebay customer. A nice man behind me
in line offered to hold the package. Then he proceeded to keep me and
my daughter entertained the entire 10 minutes we were in line! What
a guy. He even took my box to the counter for me!
And the whole time he was letting me know how fun it is to see "grandbabies."

So, a very tired, cold, and cheerful Amy came home from errands this morning. Thank you kind gentlemen for being so helpful today!

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