Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby Sam Again

For those of you who haven't checked out Sam's website, I wanted to give one more update.

Baby Sam has touched so many already and he is pretty much constantly on my heart. Even though I only know his parents casually at church, they are still some of the sweetest and kindest people I know. Sam's Aunt & Uncle have been becoming very special friends to Mike and me in the last couple of years they've lived here.

He had a rough day yesterday. The surgery he had didn't completely fix what it was supposed to and so he'll need to have another today.


We are thankful that Sam had a pretty stable night, and so far he has had a pretty stable morning as well. They gave him a paralytic which paralyzes his muscles because he was trying to breathe OVER the ventilator.
It is hard to sit with him and watch him not move at all. Other than the ventilator moving his chest up and down there is no other movement. He doesn't even wrap his little hand around our fingers right now. I know he needs to be that way for the time being, but it is just a hard thing for a parent to see.

They will take our little boy into surgery once again some time this afternoon. We have been told probably around 1:00, but that is only an estimate.

We did not get much sleep last night. Our eyes are so heavy and swollen this morning. I have to force myself to breathe in deep and long breaths. His nurse last night made an exception and let Parker, Matthew and Emma finally SEE their baby brother. They were SO happy to see him, and then so very concerned with all of the tubes and wires coming out of him. It was a very bittersweet moment. They are so anxious to touch him and hold him. We are praying that those moments are coming soon.

PLEASE continually cover our sweet little boy in prayer all day today. Pray for his little body that has already been through so much-pray that God would protect his organs and his brain from any damage-pray that his fragile tiny body would not give up. Pray that once again God would guide and direct the surgeons every movement, and that surgery would go smoothly with no complications. Pray for his recovery, that there would be NO more setbacks. Pray that his body would adjust well to the surgery and he can start getting stronger.


I will update as I can and when I know anything new.

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