Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Woman to Woman

As this title suggests, this portion of the series was between women only! I don't really know what the guys talked about, so if you're reading this and you're a guy, I suggest you talk to Mike!

A wise woman embraces God's design for her home
Growing in her relationship with God comes first
Respecting and supporting her husband comes second
Teaching and training her children comes third
Everything else (job, activities...) comes after the above priorities

What a good reminder to me. Where are my priorities falling these days? Honestly, it's awfully easy to put the "teaching and training her children" category first here at my house. Although, it could more appropriately read "teaching, training, feeding, holding, calming, singing to, playing with, reading to, bathing, chasing, and everything else..." that doesn't mean that this is the top priority in my life!

She chooses God's design rather than yielding to others
Intentionally pursues a relationship with God
Actively involved in local church
Takes advantage of opportunities to better understand the Bible
Spends time with other Christian women
She welcomes God's design for marriage in her life
God created the man to be the leader
God created the woman to be the helper and completer
She actively works at being the best wife she can be
Her marriage is her most important human relationship
She gives significant daily attention to her responsibility and call as a mother
Her home is the place where she can change the world
Building up young men and women for the next generation is a most noble task
She demonstrates love for her husband by respecting and supporting him
Respect is a choice to receive him in spite of his weaknesses. This choice empowers him to become the man God created him to be!
She submits to her husband in a complementary, non-competitive manner. Submission isn't inferiority, blindness, or an easy lead into sin. It is rather giving up desire to control and cooperating with him as he seeks to lead
She demonstrates submission in her attitudes, words, and actions
An effective motherly lovingly teaches and trains her children
She looks carefully at the wisdom for parents in the Bible
She lovingly and intentionally guides and instructs the next generation
She introduces them to God and helps them understand the Bible
She communicates the family's values and priorities to her children - randomly and purposefully
She models godly womanhood, knowing her children are always watching
She provides regular instruction, correct, and discipline
She doesn't allow her home to become child-centered
She specifically guides her children in regards to their identities (a gift from God! Loved! Girl or Boy! Good or Bad! Valuable or Worthless!), character (built when positive attitudes are affirmed, character is what you're doing when no one is watching) relationships (honor and respect for parents, proper response to authority, be unselfish and put others first, be confident, compassionate and loyal) , and purpose (prepare them for a life of service - understand their purpose as a child of God. Discover their gifts and talents. Let them use their strengths)
She wisely chooses to depend on God

This lecture reminded me of the vast importance godly womanhood holds! We have such a responsibility to our God, our husbands, our families! It might seem overwhelming, but I actually see it as empowering and exciting. We have such a chance to see and grasp the potential in our husband's and children's lives. We have such a chance to daily put Scripture to use. We have such an opportunity to mold the future. WOW.

Again, there were a couple of books recommended on the topic. Actually, neither of these books deal with motherhood, but rather with our relationships with our husbands. Interesting. Time to put him first (or second I guess...) again!

For Woman Only
I have this book. I've read this book. I've loved this book. I need to read it again.

Intimate Issues
I purchased this book at the conference. I'm reading this book. So far I'm loving this book. Perhaps I'll share more someday.

Keep at it friends! With God's help we can have a meaningful marriage and parenting relationship!

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