Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How Marriages Thrive

A Oneness Marriage Consists of Three Essential Ingredients

1) The habit of extravagant love

I was so excited to hear that our extravagant love reflects the love of God! By showing Michael this kind of love I am able to show the world more of who Christ is!

An interesting analogy that helped me understand this...
... marriage is like the moon - reflecting (not radiating) God to a culture that desperately needs Him. If it was radiating (like the sun) then we would be the ones in control - the ones who could never fail...

2) The habit of generous forgiveness

Generous forgiveness begins with humility.

It is twofold - vertical forgiveness from God to me and then horizontal forgiveness from me to you

A thought the speaker gave - Be willing to leave your world and enter into your spouse's world - just like Christ did! This is a great way to show love!

3) The habit of enthusiastic encouragement

Encouragement believes in and motivates your spouse to do what you don't even think is possible to do!

You can chose to be a cheerleader or a referee. Which would you rather be today?

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