Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marriage After Dark

Because of the family nature of my blog, I am not going to try and change many of my notes to something that little eyes could see without question. "Intimacy" is used regarding physical oneness in this blog post.

An interesting thought as we begin:
Intimacy is like a river. This river has God given boundaries. These banks are in place to keep the life giving river bound up. If those boundaries are breached this life giving entity becomes a devastating, life destroying flood.

Intimacy was created by God and designed for our good.
~ It isn't dirty
~ It's not a duty

Our speaker mentioned that intimacy is to marriage as communion is to a believer.

Intimacy is a thermometer that can measure your individual well-being
~ A thermometer measures, a thermostat controls. Obviously it should be a thermometer instead of a thermostat!
~ It can be affected by your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual condition.

Intimacy in marriage can be enhance by understanding the differences between men and woman.
~ For many woman this means learning to turn off and focus on ONLY his needs during this time! No multitasking allowed in the bedroom ladies!

A satisfying intimate life is built on a foundation of
~ Companionship (I belong exclusively to you)
~ Commitment (I trust you and will never leave you)
~ Passion
~ Spiritual Intimacy

There were two books recommended to couples regarding this topic. I'll place a link to them below. If this is an area you are looking for advice in, I would recommend checking them out!

...Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy Ignited

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