Sunday, November 15, 2009

From How to Wow

"Oneness grows as we receive our spouse as a gift from God."

- Obviously our culture's pattern for marriage has failed
- God's plan for marriage involves three key responsibilities: Leave, Cleave, Weave

Leaving is actually done in a context of honor to your parents!
Your spouse must be your primary relationship.
The degree to which you leave is the degree to which you can cleave
Children are arrows, not boomerangs. They need to be straightened, sharpened, and shot...

Literally glue together, meld together, become one from two.
We need to chose to receive our spouse as God's perfect gift to us - no matter how perfect or imperfect he may be.
By focusing on God's character we can provide more expertly for our spouse.

Becoming one flesh isn't getting married or having a physical relationship, it's a process that grows us as individuals and as a couple.
Physical intimacy is an expression of ultimate oneness.

It can be hard to experience God's perfect plan in marriage because of differences, hindrances, weakness, and self-centeredness. Remember, marriages holds your love together - love doesn't hold your marriage together.

Please be encouraged today to strive towards a marriage that glorifies God's perfect plans. Obviously we're not all perfect. Obviously we will all fail along the way. However, as I've been working this past week on changing my mindset and remembering this isn't all about me or even all about my marriage, I've been greatly encouraged in both my physical and spiritual lives!

After this session we were given time alone together to work on a little project. We had a private prayer time to work through any rejection, withdrawal, and bitterness we might have been experiencing. Time to commit to working through differences and difficulties through God. Time to commit to keeping the marriage relationship second only to Christ. Then we wrote love letters describing what we loved about our spouse from the beginning to now, explaining commitments we've made, and dreaming about the future. What a fun little project - I'd encourage you to try it today!

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