Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby Sam Update 12:15pm

Kurt and I were called down to speak with the surgeon just a few moments ago. Our hearts lept into our throats as we were escorted down to the consult room. We were so concerned-they were calling us down so much earlier than anticipated.
Samuel's surgeon came in...

SAM IS OUT OF SURGERY. IT WENT SMOOTHLY WITH NO COMPLICATIONS AT ALL!! Again the tears came, but they were tears of relief, tears of thankfulness, tears of gratitude for what The Lord has done for our sweet baby boy. PRAISE THE LORD for His care and His protection of Samuel. He indeed guided every movement perfectly.

Thank you for praying, and PLEASE keep praying. The next couple of days are critical for little Sam. His body needs to adjust to his new heart anatomy. Please continue to pray for NO complications, or setbacks.

What an amazing story our little boy has! We cannot thank you enough for interceeding for him, for loving him, and for loving our family! Thank you for coming alongside of us in this are part of our family and we love you.

It will be a while before we can see Samuel so we are waiting until they let us see our sweet boy.

Baby Sam's CaringBridge Site

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