Monday, October 5, 2009

Our NICU Buddies


In the last 9 weeks I've gone from not having any close friends who have had NICU experience to two friends who have similar NICU experience!!

Little B was born at 32 weeks - 9 1/2 weeks ago. His mommy suffered from severe pre-ecclampsia and he was born via an emergency c-section. I took this picture the afternoon he was born. What a sweetie! He lived in the same NICU room Bekah stayed in! He was in the hospital exactly 6 weeks and is now home and doing great. He's gone from 3lb 13oz to about 6.5 lbs! His parents are friends of ours from college, and now we're friends here in IA! We go to church together and would love to hang out more, but B needs to be kept away from all the nasty germs this winter. Hopefully soon he will get to play with our B!

Little M was born yesterday at 32.5 weeks. He is Elias' little brother. Although M came early, he wasn't nearly as early as his brother and he is breathing, kicking, and feisty! M was also born via an emergency c-section as his mommy's body decided it no longer could hold him and since he was breech he was born via c-section. The next few weeks will teach my dear friend Anna patience, trust and a whole lot more about preemies than she ever wanted to know, but it will also be a time of joy as they get to know this son here on earth.

Praise the Lord for our medical procedures and interventions. These two little boys are living proof of our great God and the way He chooses to care for his children!

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