Monday, October 19, 2009

Enjoying the New Look

Thanks to Jennifer for getting me in the blog layout updating mood. I decided last night that instead of going to bed at a sensible time I should figure out basic HTML and CSS... Well, a few hours later I ended up with this - something new, something different, something fun.

Bekah is growing so fast! I can't believe that Sunday is her birthday. What a year it's been. One I wouldn't trade for the world though!

She has started throwing tantrums - full out screaming, throwing her head on the floor, huge tears tantrums. Oh boy - what are we going to do when she hits two or three?!


Jen D said...

Love the new look! I made my header using some free photo editing software (I don't even know the name!) and then importing it into Blogger as a header image. I am very limited in my computer knowlege :). Anyway, I love all your new pics of Bekah and I think you did a fabulous job making over your blog!

Heidi Brachle said...

Okay so for the completely html, css, etc. illiterate cousin of yours, is there any way you can explain to me how to add more fonts, text sizes, etc to my blog? Your blog and Jen's are both super cute!

I can't believe that Bekah is a year old already! Watch out, because year number two goes even faster. =)