Saturday, August 29, 2009

Piano Teacher Resources

In case anyone is interested in some of my "research" (aka CREATIVE HELP), I thought I'd share some of the helpful sites I've found!

Music Tech Teacher

This site has an amazing section of quizzes, games, helps, and worksheets that you can download! Many very helpful things I can use for specific students or specific problems.

Martha Beth Lewis
Martha Beth has put together a wealth of questions and answers - from practicing to policies, from composers to competitions. She also has some entertaining music and studio humor!

There are some free games, charts, and quizzes you can make on this site - I think some would be good to keep siblings busy while one is in a lesson. I also like that I can personalize charts for students.

This isn't necessarily a music puzzlemaker site - but you could set up word finds or crossword puzzles to go along with whatever you're learning about!

? how to practise (no I didn't spell that incorrectly...)
Wowie - this is a list of 50 websites that will improve your music practice

8 Notes
This site offers free "lessons" in music theory (and other things as well). They can be watched on the site (like a little slide show) or printed - I'm thinking some of the lessons may come in handy sometime.

Blank Sheet Music
The title says it all - design the sheet music as you want it (for FREE) - bar lines, clefs, brackets, key signatures... then print away!

31 Days to Better Practicing
A series of articles that are supposed to help improve your practicing - I've not read them all, but there are many tips there that could be useful for both students and teachers alike.

Sfrack's practice game for students - looks like a lot of fun if you ask me. I have broken up pieces before for my students, but this would be a way to keep it fresh and interesting at home.

Music Learning Community

There are some free flash games on this site - most are pretty simple and not very fancy, but for those little beginners or some really bored siblings, these games could keep them busy!

Music Matters
Wow - what a wealth of information Natalie has put together on her blog. I can't even begin to tell you what all I found here - in fact, my theme is based on one of her past themes! What an encouraging and fun blog find!

Susan Paradis' Piano Teacher Resources
This lady is amazing. Her blog is full of interesting entries, but the best part is her section of free downloadables - music composition ideas, games, worksheets, posters, you name it she probably thought of it! I have saved so many of her items AND have added her to my google reader. This was a thrilling find for me.

And there you have it - 24 hours after starting the creative search, this is what has already inspired me!

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sfrack said...

Wow You have done a lot of work! Thanks for referencing me. Best of luck in your pursuits.