Saturday, June 6, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about contentment - being pleased with what we have and enjoying the little things.

Here are some of the little things I've enjoyed this week:

*A free municipal band concert in the park - taking the whole family (dog included) out to enjoy beautiful weather and fun music

*Reading board books to Bekah at the library - not feeling rushed at all, just enjoying the stories and the pictures

*Picking up my beautifully cleaned and re-sized wedding ring from the jewelers - yes I did have to pay for that, however, I didn't buy anything new! I can now wear the beautiful ring my husband lovingly worked for (without my knowing) during an entire summer comfortably without blisters! Babies can sure change a lot of things... even fingers. I also had my watch battery changed and my earrings cleaned - how fun!

*Saturday Morning Cuddle Time - we enjoy this whenever we're home on a lazy Saturday morning. Bekah comes into our bed for her morning meal (at this morning she slept in until 8:30!!) and then we all play, giggle, tickle, cuddle, and read stories. So precious - what a way to start a rainy day

*Nightly Mommy/Daddy devotion time - we're reading "Night Light" by the Dobsons - this week has been on encouragement - what a great week!

*Spending an evening with a friend - Mike and Rob went to the movies last night while Jocey and I stayed at their house - we put her two kids to bed and then Bekah was super cuddly/sleepy while Joc and I visited and watched Return to Me

*Watching Mike play ball with his daughter - absolutely precious. Watching Bekah cry when daddy went downstairs (not even caring that mommy was still here) even better! She's really a mommy's girl and so it's fun to see her enjoy her daddy too!!

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