Monday, May 18, 2009

I Love Being "Green"

Wow... Today I was thinking about how green I'm becoming... and how much I enjoy being green. The best part of my new found greenness is that I never planned on "going green"! Instead I'm trying to be frugal - and as an added bonus I get to say I'm "green". Good old Kermit the Frog should be proud :) Although, I find it easy being green...

Some of my new found green loves:

Hanging diapers out to dry. This keeps them smelling fresh and naturally stain free. It also saves on loads and loads of dryer time which I'm sure will someday be reflected in our budget power billing.

Hanging sheets out to dry. This is my newest love. I found it today. Ahh - nothing quite like fresh creamy colored sheets to put back on our bed this evening!

Purex Free and Clear Detergent. Originally I bought this for washing diapers since it was supposed to do a decent job and was pretty cheap. I think that my 8 years of strict Tide only for my laundry has come to an abrupt and unplanned halt. Goodbye expensive Tide. Hello one detergent for every washing need in the house!

Vinegar/Water for the floor. After trying so many different floor cleaning products (and knowing I have a very nearly mobile child on my hands) I had to find something that wouldn't leave the floor sticky - if you ask me, CLEANING the floor should leave it CLEAN... Well, 1 part white vinegar (which, by the way, is dirt cheap at Sam's) mixed with about 3 parts water (I'm not so picky) is wonderful. Added to my spray bottle and my new "shmop" (thanks mom) with washables heads (that's better than throwing them away - green bonus!!) I have a super easy way to keep the floors clean!

My cilantro and rosemary plants. Can we say - way better deal than buying "fresh" at the store and so much tastier than any canned version!

I have more, and I've posted about more, but today these were the things I was thankful for :)

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