Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Triple Date

We enjoyed a fun evening tonight. Matt & Jenny, Mark & Lindsey (Matt's brother & wife), and Mike & I enjoyed drive through fast food and "Swing Vote" at the 99 cent theater in Grundy Center. Matt drove the half hour trip (each way) and paid for the movie (it probably wouldn't have broken the budget, but awesome that he did that). We decided that it was worth 99 cents, but not an actual movie ticket price (somewhere around $8 here now I think). It was fun getting out and doing something different for a change. I've really not left the metro area here since about week 15 of this pregnancy - and we're in week 28 now!

I've had a busy week. Mindy (Mike's sister) came this Sunday evening and spent the night. On Monday she painted the trim in the nursery (still the office... but it will have to become the nursery eventually...), helped me move our bookshelves from the nursery to my studio upstairs, ate Burger King, toured Mike's radio studio, and chatted about life and marriage (she's in a very serious relationship with a super sweet boy! It was fun to share and discuss things like marriage, kids, plans, etc!). We also had the Nikkel boys here for a few hours while mom, Jess, was at teacher in-service - preparing for the 1st day of school on Thursday. Cooper is 2.5 and Tucker is 8 months. I'm going to be watching them on school days while Jess teaches two classes. The classes are during naptime so I'll be watching them at their house - but during these in-service days they've come to me :)

Today was busy with work all morning at church, Nikkels in the afternoon, and 6 students - all before heading to the movie around 5:45! Whew. Then we got home in just enough time to watch Shawn Johnson, fellow Iowan, win a gold medal!! How fun. I love the olympics. Now I think I should go to bed - it was a short night and a long day... and tomorrow doesn't promise to be anything different.

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Colleen said...

It's great to be able to find a discount movie theater once in a while. Our ticket prices are $9.50! I wanted to say thank you for the cereal coupon. It arrived in today's mail. We look forward to tasting it! Have a great week!