Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Shopping & Savings

We are home all day today :) It's BEAUTIFUL outside and so we're enjoying our windows and doors standing wide open!

We hit Fareway and Aldi for groceries. It took about $50, but we really hadn't gone planned shopping for a few weeks. I think we've got enough now to make it another week or two even! Hurray.

We also stopped at Cartridge World to refill both of our printer cartridges. Since our punch card was full we got the b/w cartidge free which meant we got everything for $21.35. Not bad - plus it's a business write off this time around (every other cartidge is how we figure it...). Now I can print my coupons the way they're supposed to look again...

I think I'm going to make rice krispy pb chocolate bars now :) Yummy!!

1 comment:

Lana T. said...

How nice to only spend $50 on groceries! And you haven't shopped in weeks!!