Saturday, August 23, 2008


Today was a great day. There are many reasons... I'll just list them out for your reading pleasure...

1) It was only about 80 degrees and there was really no humidity to speak of - so we enjoyed open windows all day!

2) We slept way in (and I didn't have to get up to go to the bathroom from the time I fell asleep until I got up... 10 hours later!)

3) We took a trip to the kid's consignment shop in town to scope it out, see if there's much there - and we found that there are tons of clothes at great prices packed in the tiny shop. Not only are most of the prices pretty good, different colored tags were on different sales today! We found a changing pad and cover and with the sale of the day, it totaled $7.04. Hurray!

4) We went to Target and finished up our registry - there were some things we really wanted to see/feel/hold before registering. We also found a crib! This is HUGE. Last night I pretty much fell apart as I realized I have 11 weeks left and had no idea what I wanted/what we could afford... We are going with the Simplicity 4-in-1 crib. Of course it was out of stock, but still, when it's back, it's coming home with me :)

5) We went to Walmart just to be sure there wasn't a better crib or deal there. There wasn't.

6) We played Super Mario Brothers on our Wii - yay for classic games we can enjoy together.

7) I took a nap - yes, even after sleeping in!

8) We had a late breakfast, late lunch of spaghetti (after walking down to the store a block away for noodles, and a late supper of grilled burgers.

9) I read outside while Mike was grilling

10) I visited with my mom, mother-in-law and father-in-law via telephone

11) We watched the end of our favorite Olympic Sport - Diving - and saw China get blown away by the Australian guy! Way to go :)

12) I gave Starbuck a bath which she desperately needed

13) We had strawberry smoothies - we've finally perfected how much mix, ice, and water need to be added

14) Our dishes are all done except for two items that need soaking

15) Mike's parents agreed to stop at IKEA on Monday on their way home from taking his siblings to college - they'll be picking up our dresser (and changer) and mattress!

16) I haven't felt horribly sick at all today - that's a first in 2 weeks!

17) Mike and I were able to relax and enjoy fun things together for an entire day - with no real schedule or plan to follow. We NEEDED it - it's been weeks!

Ahh. A great day. I like Saturdays like this.

This past week was busy - I started watching two brothers while their mom teaches two classes at our school. 3 days they were here at my house and then starting Thursday I began going there to put them down for naps and such. Fun times! I also had a few students finishing up their summer schedules as school gets underway.

I've also been learning the ropes at church for my revised position. I don't go in on Fridays anymore to do the bulletin and random work (babysitting, baby, lessons, all nixed that plan). Instead I go in on Tuesday mornings to plan out the music/services for Sunday. It still takes me a while to really get it the way I like it, but I've only done it 3 times. I'm sure this will get easier as time goes on. Then I may pick up a few office duties again as well. I'm also working on the monthly music schedule - just trying to figure out who/when/etc. is a LOT of work. But it's enjoyable. I just wish that I was doing this and that Mike/Liz were still here instead of my taking it over since they're gone :( We miss them a lot - it still hasn't quite sunk in that they're GONE - feels like they've just been on a little vacation since the 12th (the last time I saw them). We are glad for Facebook and gmail though :)

Well, this is quite a long post, and I am still planning on grabbing a shower quick and straightening my hair before bed - it's not hot tonight in our house so I think I'll be able to get that done and still have it look decent in the morning :) I love fast Sunday mornings!

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