Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, last Friday I had my glucose test. Apparently I failed. Tomorrow I go in at 7am to do a 3 hour blood test thing. I'm really nervous - I don't like to chug anything, and I am going to have to get 100 ml of sugar water down in a minute - and then keep it down. I have one phobia in life. Throwing up. It's a very serious phobia. I'm quite nervous. Then we sit at the lab for 3 hours and I get my blood drawn every hour. I just really hope this is the end of it!

In other news - baby is busy... Mommy is tired... we're getting a few things ready now :) Yay!


Rachel said...

I said a prayer for you tonight. Hope tomorrow goes well.

AmyG said...

Oh, so sorry your didn't pass the first test. I didn't with my first born, either. But I passed, w/flying colors, on the 3 hr one. Ask them if they have the orange flavored stuff for you to drink. It tastes like orange soda, just a little sweeter than the regular stuff.

Sending up a prayer that all goes well!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh I had to take that test too... bring a book or an iPod... you will need it :)