Monday, July 14, 2008

It's another week here in Lanser-Land :) I think I've found my calling in life - dogsitting. We have a beautiful, old black lab here for 2 days. Funny thing is - she's my co-worker's (at church) friend's dog from Colorado :) My mom thinks we should open a kennel and become ridiculously rich. I don't know about that, but it's enjoyable having another dog for a couple days. Aspen is a sweet old thing who just kind of lays around doing not much of anything.

Today I received perhaps the sweetest piece of mail I've ever been sent. There is a lovely older gentleman at church named Mr. DeBar. Today I received "A DeBar Greeting" card designed by Mr. D himself. On the front he has a piano and the words "you are a piano artist". Inside is this message: "A piano artist takes a sheet of music and interprets the overall theme, adds their personal touch and timing and you have a finished personalized product that is strictly yours. At the church I can tell when you are playing even if I can't see the piano because of the sound and style. That's why you are my favorite piano artist." That was the most encouraging note! Since I struggle with anxiety and have been a lot more since this pregnancy started, I have trouble getting myself in front of the church to play. This was a little reminder that it's NOT about me when I play, but rather the message of hope, encouragement, beauty, and praise that I can convey to those who listen. Thanks Mr. DeBar!

We've been working our budget out again - right now I'm getting EVERYTHING into our bank's bill pay system so that we have all of our bills running through that one place. Well, we're going to leave our insurance as a direct withdrawal because we are given a discount because of it. Besides that, though, we'll be paying everything directly from the bank webpage. I've already found it so helpful to do that with our main bills - it just seems to make sense to stop auto withdrawals and paying on other websites when I can do it all for free from one spot. This was we can HOPEFULLY more closely monitor when the money comes in, goes out, etc. Now if only we could get my piano families to direct deposit their payments into our account :) Then I wouldn't have to drive the whole 1.5 miles to the bank :)

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