Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, the first piece of nursery "stuff" came today :) I've decided to go with Kimberly Grant's Little Star Collection. It's a perfect fit for the paint that's already in our office! I ordered one valance because I wanted to be sure of the colors and also wasn't sure if one valance could be cut to fit both of the small windows (alas, that won't be QUITE enough... if there was an extra 2 inches I think it would be great...).

We also got our first official gifts today - wrapped and all cute-like! For our latest dog-sitting we received a frog hooded towel, a beautiful soft blanket in brown/green/cream, a maternity shirt, and a stuffed animal! So fun :)

Mike is working an insane day tomorrow - something like 4:30am-7:30pm. I guess our next paycheck will be a super happy one...

I'm still waiting to hear back from the new Student Loan company - I want to get it all set up so I'm paying via our bill pay, but they're rather putzy in getting back to me! I guess when they completely bought out our old company, they probably got a little busy... But still, come on people - pregnant lady is impatient and ready to get our finances on the right track!

I've won a few fun giveaways lately. I got Mike a set of 5 hot sauces/tee shirt - he was pretty happy! My favorite of late has been my new berry colored Camelback bottle! I'm LOVING the no spill feature and the fact that it just makes it so much easier to drink more throughout the day when I have a cool/easy bottle sitting around. I also won a Frog Bath Luve recently. That's been added to the baby bin that's slowly starting to fill up.

Adding to the bin of free, cheap, and gift items for baby will be some items I picked up for 65% off reduced price at The Children's Place. There were outlet items on a 50% sale and by using the code FA78 I got another 15% off! Plus, they have a flat rate shipping of only $5, so I ended up getting 3 onsies, a gown, booties, a hat, a bib, and a blanket for a little over $20 (all in the pollen aka yellow scheme - with a cute little elephant aplique). If you're a fan of The Children's Place, or are looking for some cute gift ideas - I'd head over there right now! Beware though - their site seems to be running extremely slow compared to all the other sites I've hit today! I got this savings deal from Babycheapskate - a great site for watching sales and deals having to do with kids (clothes, toys, decor, diapers, formula...).

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hannahbro5 said...

So thanks for this post. I definantly found a LOT of things for Olivia =)