Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Need Help!

Well, we've reached a small problem in the nursery planning department - the crib we've planned on getting at IKEA isn't in stock in the country right now... and SHOULD be in August, but they can't guarantee that it will be in stock in one of the stores in decent traveling distance from my house (and they won't ship it). So, I'm now looking everywhere trying to find a decent back-up plan...

As you know, we're rather frugal folks (or at least trying to be) and the BEST option $$-wise is the IKEA piece. The rest of these options range from $169-$269 or so at the best sale prices I can find online. The IKEA crib is convertable to a toddler bed. You can probably tell on the choices below if they are or are not convertable (neither option is a MUST for us... it's nice, but really, won't we be needing a crib for like the next 8 years... if we're thinking 4 kids...!?). I do like the added benefit of the drawer under the crib instead of needing to buy some plastic tubs for storage... not worth extra $$, but if it's included and already a decent price, it's not a bad option...

Here are the options (in no specific order) - please let me know your favorite (and why too!!) All you seasoned moms, let me know what you do/don't like about the crib you have too! This is just one little decision I know, but it feels so big... and expensive... :)

#1 Aspen

#2 Rochelle

#3 Parker

#4 Deborah

#5 Ariel

#6 Carmen

#7 Rochester

#8 Riley

#9 Kalani

Note - all of these are shown in the company's oak coloring - probably what we would go with for our nursery.

NEXT PROBLEM - Dresser, changing table, AHHH...


Rachel said...

I'll send you my two cents about lots of baby stuff shortly. All of these cribs look like good options. If you end up with one that doesn't have the drawer that is no problem. Rectangular wicker baskets look nice underneath. I do really like the IKEA one, so maybe get a nice pack n play with a good bassinet and use that at the beginning if you want to wait for the IKEA crib. Our pack and play has seen tons of use and has been one of our most important baby items.

Michelle said...

Just a couple tips on cribs that I've found helpful...
1)cribs with wheels are really handy (for all those times your child drops something behind the crib and you have to pull it away from the wall)
2)the more sides you can put teething rails on, the better (ie. cribs with all the curves are pretty, but may end up very chewed on and nothing you can do about it)
3)if you have space considerations, pick a crib that is less curvy/more square, because it makes it easier to fit all the necessary baby furniture in a room
4)I'm not sure if all cribs come with this option as a standard now, but it's really nice when cribs have 2 places for mattress positioning, one high for tiny babies, and one low for older babies.
Hope that helps:)

Michelle W.

Jennifer said...

Good Comments so far--I definitely agree with all that's been said. Two things to add...
It is very nice to have a crib where one side can be lowered. This becomes helpful when your baby is older and the crib mattress is on the lowest setting and you need to lift them out of the crib. Also, check out safety ratings for the cribs...I remember after Allie was born one of the cribs we were seriously considering buying was recalled and there had been some safety concerns previously.

Lana T. said...

These are all good comments. To be have wheels and have a side that lowers is helpful. To be on the frugal side, I've always stuck with just a crib. When it came to needing a toddler bed, we picked up a little simple (plastic) one because there has always been a baby that was needing the crib! Now we are at the bunk bed stage and ,yes, still a crib and 2 pack & plays! Levi's in a crib, Savanna is in a pack & play, and then I watch my niece's little girl during the day so she is in a pack and play for naps.