Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 5th :)

I'm a day late, so I hope ya'll had an enjoyable 4th of July.

Anna and Erik came into town late Thursday evening. We visited until wee hours of the morning. Friday morning we all headed to a picnic with some of our friends from church. It was BEAUTIFUL July weather - 80 and not really much humidity to speak of! We enjoyed the sun, food, and fellowship. In the afternoon we introduced Anna and Erik to Wii Fit and House MD. Then it was off to meet our friends the Augsburgers for fireworks. We saw a beautiful display and then came home to relax and head to bed. Today we grilled steaks, went to the Amish community for some sightseeing/shopping, and played Mario Kart Wii before the Schaefers headed back to MN (for 3 more weeks before they move to KY). It was so great to spend some fun, relaxing time with such a good and longtime friend as Anna!

After the Schaefers left, I took a little nap, we ate supper, and then we ventured downtown for our 5th of July thing downtown (don't know why it's not on the 4th...). We had a strawberry/kiwi smoothie and sat SUPER close to the fireworks - like, they were shooting them off of the next bridge. I'm pretty sure it was the loudest/brightest show I've ever seen. It was really cool to lay there and have them right on top of you! It was a pretty spectacular show - big ones right after one another for about 20 minutes! It was a nice end to a fun weekend, even though the Schaefers had already headed home.

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