Monday, June 30, 2008


Is it too early to be nesting? Last week Saturday I deep cleaned my bathroom like no body's business... I don't know if it's EVER been so clean. It's WONDERFUL. Because, this week all I need to do is a light cleaning :) What a great concept. Perfect in preparation for 4th of July guests.

Today it's been all about the kitchen. The dishes are done (well, the last load is drying). The counters have been completely cleaned off, scrubbed, and put back together neatly. The large and small appliances have been cleaned. Phew. It's getting warm in there, but it's looking awesome. Now there's just some clutter to do away with from the table, I need to sweep and mop the floor. Then that room is once again super neat and clean.

Looking at the rest of the house right now is overwhelming though - eek. Maybe it will have to wait for tomorrow...


Chelsea said...

Amy... thought I would let you know that since I have found your blog I have been keeping up to date with reading it! It is fun to read it as you are just a few weeks ahead of me in your pregnancy. Glad to hear everything is going well for you! Chelsea (Jon's wife!)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

there is nooo too early nesting... but there is late nesting :) I had the nesting bug bite early and the place was wonderful, then it fizzeled away and by the time we brought baby home.... it was a complete mess... horrible. I was so embarressed the family saw it like that :)