Friday, June 27, 2008

Almost 21 Weeks

These last few weeks have been an exciting journey! I've been feeling much better most days which has been a great blessing! Our little baby has started to jump and move a LOT - it's strange if I don't feel anything for a few hours... Goodness. Wonder where that energy comes from? Certainly not mom OR dad, right...?

Today we had our first view of the baby. He/she (still unknown, even to the ultrasound tech!) weighed in at 14 ounces. The heartbeat was a steady 146. There are two kidneys (in the right place for now... hopefully this little one won't take after mom in that area!), one heart (with four chambers), one brain, one bladder, one stomach, two arms, two legs, and one complete spine. In the attached 3D picture you can make out a hand near the face. It's either sucking the thumb or preparing to beat on a drum... We're arguing about that one. :)

This past week Mike and I had the privilege of traveling to Ankeny, IA (near Des Moines) for our church's national conference. It was supposed to be in Cedar Rapids (not even an hour away, instead of close to two), but due to flooding, was moved. On Tuesday we played for the conference's congregational music, Wednesday we did a concert with a choir and then also congregational music. Last night was congreagational playing again, but after spending so many hours in a 15 passenger van and a band chair, this pregnant lady stayed home.

Our lives are constantly changing in preparation for our baby. I don't think that I have fully grasped the fact that I'm going to be a MOM for the rest of my life. Wow. We are re-working our remodeling plan to allow for it to be completed before our baby is born. Due to the water in the basement, we're not going to be able to finish it before dealing with the problem. So, the office is going to move to the attic with the music studio for a while. It will be tight, but we can do it. Because we've decided to change that plan a little, we should have enough to get a dishwasher and a weed wacker before we finish out the summer - both pluses!

This coming Tuesday we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. I think we're going to attend a jazz festival in Cedar Falls (at a nice resturant... we'll be sharing a dessert) tomorrow night and then we'll go out for dinner on Tuesday with one of our 2 gift certificates! It should be a fun weekend.


Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Mike!! Your post brings me back to Ben and my 2-year anniversary as I also had just had my first ultrasound (we were expecting in November too--the ultrasound tech also could not tell if Allie was a boy or girl)... I was just starting to feel her moving a ton...we were also working like mad on our house...and I was very overwhelmed at the thought of being a mom! This is such a fun and exciting time, even if it does feel overwhelming at times. Who knows...maybe at your 5 year anniversary, you'll have two :)

Krissi said...

There are two kidneys (in the right place for now... hopefully this little one won't take after mom in that area!)

Huh? I'm confused...