Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh No!!!

Oh goodness - I've picked up prescriptions TWICE this week (in the drive-through) and haven't remembered to go in to get my BOGO Ajax dishsoap, 99 cent Arrid deodorant, Free (after rebate) Venus Embrase Razor (I love my regular one and am hoping the blades are interchangable... if not I might not go for it... although I do get the 10% extra when getting a gift card instead of a check, so I'd be making money...), and my Free (after rebate plus I think I have a coupon so it's a money maker and I am about out of body wash anyways...) Soft Soap Spa Radiant Body Wash!!! Good grief - guess I know where I'll be stopping tomorrow :)

Here's hoping for a better week at CVS - seriously!!!! Did anyone find anything there this week?! I suppose Valentine's Candy was a good deal, but I didn't have time/need for that this year... Trying to lose weight and save money...

In other news - I completed Month #1 of my 3 Month Challenge at the Gym! I worked out 12 times in the last month. For that I was given a tee-shirt that proudly says "Anytime Fitness" across the front. I also was pleased to see these "official" results:
My age remained 25
My height was still 5'6
My weight went down 2 lbs
My Body Fat % went down by .7%
My Body Water % went up by .5%
My BMR went down by 10
My Muscle Mass % went up by .1%
Apparently those are all good things - I was worried to see that the water went up, but I guess that's what it's supposed to do. I should research what these all mean - I'll have to figure it out :) Next month's goal - 16 workouts in a month (4x a week average)!

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