Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland Take 29

Yes, that's right. It's snowing, again. I tell ya - this is just the new "normal" apparently.

Happy Valentine's Day :) This morning I was surprised with a stop from a florist :) Mike got me a lovely arrangement of daisies and carnations :) How sweet. Tonight we're celebrating with LOST, a movie, a heart pizza from Papa Murphey's, and ice cream from the local dairy :) Simple and relaxing - just the way we like it.

I read the following on a friend's Facebook today and thought it was too good to keep to myself:

If I may make a suggestion to those who find themselves dissatisfied with Valentines Day in it's current incarnation, I've always felt that the holiday was due for reclamation from the divisive propaganda the marketing machine pushes upon us every year. Take back the day. Celebrate love in all its incarnations. Tell your friends how much you love and appreciate them. Give thoughtful or practical gifts and save the roses for when the price isn't artificially high. A single person who can enjoy love without romance is a person who will rarely be disappointed when love with romance presents itself.

And that, my friends, explains why we're not doing anything "huge" this year. That and the fact that it was just my birthday, Mike's is in 2 weeks, and we're pretty much broke :)

I do hope you all enjoy the day, whatever state you're in :) I'm trying to think of all the things I'm thankful for today too! Here's a quick list...
* Jesus' death for me
* Mike
* Starbuck
* A house of our own
* 2 cars that run, usually
* A heater in the house, even if it is so expensive to run
* Clothes to keep me warm
* Doctors who are searching for new treatment plans for me to help me stay "sane" and normal
* Family, Friends...
* My students
* Different jobs that I enjoy

And the list goes on :)

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Anonymous said...

Was that Davydd who wrote that on facebook?