Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26th Walgreens

Today's Walgreens trip was not a money maker, nor was it a huge money saver, but it really wasn't bad and I was able to get quite a few things I needed! Here goes:

2 Folgers Decaf Coffee Canisters (13oz each) = 2/$7 this week plus a $.25 coupon
4 Campells Chunkey Soups = 2/$3 this week - the price I usually shoot for when getting these easy and tasty lunches
4 Academic Sticky pouches (for piano students' notebooks) = $.99 each ($1 off per item!!)
Sparkle 8 Pack Paper Towels = $4.99 this week
Jane Eyeliner and Eyeshadow = $3.49 each, BO/GO so $3.49 total, $2 coupon so $1.49 total

I paid using my $10.99 rebate from last month and still paid $13.07 out of pocket. Not bad. It was a total savings of $18.74 from normal Walgreens prices. I'm thinking that wasn't too shabby :)

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