Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26th CVS #1

My first CVS trip of the day was to my regular CVS in the mall. It wasn't a huge savings or making again (like Walgreens), but I still was able to get some much needed items! Today I'll give totals WITH explanations :)

4 Soy Joy Bars = $4, made a $4 ECB, and used a $1 coupon - all in all I made $1 there

Neutrogenia Shampoo and Conditioner = $4.99 each (savings of $3 total). This is new shampoo for the new me - I have forgotten to post that I've cut my medium length dirty blonde curly hair up to a chic bob and it's now a nice sable color - I just turned 25 and went for a change :) So, I didn't need my curly hair shampoo right now (since I'm straightening it most days because it's fun and pretty easy) and I wanted something with a little extra boost for the color!!

2 Cadbury Eggs = $.69 each - these are a treat for the hubby! He loves them - I don't really care either way. I've been a bit of a beast lately because I'm coming off a medication that we don't think really helps me - it is making me NUTS and crabby though with the poor man, so he deserves a little treat :)

1 ounce container of CVS Brand Hydrocortisone Cream = $3.99

ECBS Used - $4,1,1,2,2 = $10
CVS Buy x save y - $3,2 = $5

Out of pocket expense $1.35

I'd say it was a job well done :)

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