Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26th CVS #2

For the first time ever, I ventured into the hallowed halls of another CVS. This one was on the east side of town, about 10 minutes away... Now, let me tell you, the east side isn't really the nice side at all... It reminds me of south Minneapolis where I used to work. Not AWFUL, but not cozy either. Anyways, I headed over for my much needed Sambucol!! I've been DYING to get my hands on that deal. So, after scrounging around and feeling that I was going to never get my $20 deal... I FOUND A BOX!! I practically ran to the counter where I visited with 2 friendly elderly gentlemen who were absolutely hilarious. Then it was finally my turn to BUY MY SAMBUCOL!!! I used my $4 ECB from the 1st CVS stop and then out the door I went. As I walked out I realized, MY $10 ECB DID NOT PRINT!!! Tragedy! Back in I went and my super friendly cashier called the super friendly manager and after a few minutes of figuring, I was handed a $10 BILL AND OFF I WENT :) Not even store credit or anything!! Cash :) So, I may be down to absolutely 0 ECB's, but I have my Sambucol $20 money maker and I'm a happy camper with wet feet (the parking lot was VERY mooshy and wet). Can you tell I'm pumped!??


Crazy Daisy said...

I apologize in advance, but I have no idea what a ECB is :) I'm assuming it is just with the CVS stores?

Crazy Daisy said...

thanks! I'll have to check out where the closest cvs is!

Kim said...

I thought I knew all about CVS, but I don't know what Sambucol is?

I've saved a ton and I've only been doing the deals for three weeks. I did it a lot last year and just got worn out :)