Thursday, January 10, 2008

CVS #1 for 2008!!!

Mike and I made a stop tonight at CVS after our first date at Quiznos (and our first date of the new year!!). I had a $5 gift certificate from a student and we had a $10 gift from my sister for our anniversary (7/1) and so we ate for $1 out of pocket! How tasty :) Anyways, then it was on to the fun!! Here's a little low-down:

3-12 packs of Pepsi products (Mike had just asked for pop...)
On sale 3/$10 AND if you spend $20 this month you get $10 ECB's.
Total Spent: $11.80 (can deposit of 5 cents per can in Iowa)

2 Campell's Select Soups
On sale 2/$3 which is a savings of $2.58
Coupon for 50 cents (thanks mom!)
Total Spent: $2.50

1 Palmolive Dishsoap
On sale 1/$1.49 which is a savings of 38 cents and with a $1 ECB
Total Spent: 49 cents

1 Fructis Curl Spray Jel
On sale 1/$1.99 which is a savings of $1.30 and with $2 ECB
Coupon for $1 (thanks mom!)
Total Earned: $1.01

1 Colgate Toothpaste
On Sale $2.49 which is a savings of 50 cents and with a $2 ECB
Total Spent: 49 cents

4 Soy Joy Berry Bars
On sale for $1 each which is a savings of 29 cents each along with a buy 4 get $4 ECB
Total Spent: Nothing - so we'll see if I like them, after all, they were free!

1 Playtex Tampons 36 count
$7.99 with $2 ECB
Coupon for $1
Total Spent: $4.99

1 Carmex Lip Balm
Total Spent: $1.49 - Mike needed it :)

Then, I used $2 old ECBs along with BOTH of my $5/$30 coupons - they let me stack!! I had a BRAND new (one week there...) cashier so I was worried, but it worked :)

Total spent: 21.76
Total saved: $23.89

NOW - I just have to get the Sambucol... it's $12.99 with a $10 ECB and then there's a company rebate so I get my $12.99 back AND I have a $2/$10 so I will only pay $10.99 out of pocket. I didn't get a rain check because the poor new girl was so confused! I'll be back before the end of the month - SUPER money maker there friends!!

All in all, a profitable trip once again :) We ended with quite a few normal needs, a couple silly things like Soy Joy and pop, and some great deals :) Happy day! What successes have you had?!?


Sarah O. said...

I think I got the last Sambucol. Sorry! Tim and I got 8 Soy Joy bars. They're one of the only GF "granola" type bars I've found, and I like them! I also used a $1/4 bars coupon, so I spent $3.00 for 4 bars and got $4.00 in ECBs back! I also got Monistat 1 for $20.49, used a $4/20 coupon and a $3.00 manufacter coupon. So I paid about $13.00, all in old ECBs, and got $10.00 ECBs back! What a great day! I was going to roll those $10 ECBs into the Sambucol deal, but I had the cashier in the white coat who is always "cold" whenever I pull out ECBs or coupons. She had matter-of-factly put my Monistat receipt with my $10 ECBs into the bag, so I just paid the $11 for the Sambucol. Now I have $20 in ECBs to use next time. Yeah!

Lea said...

...Glad you had an awesome date night and it included CVS!

Meredith said...


I really like the way you have itemized your list and broken it down in price. Very easy to understand.

Crazy Daisy said...

Wow! I use coupons and shop sales too, but this example is amazing!