Monday, January 7, 2008

Ideas, Answers, Thoughts...

Sarah O asked me if it was easy to sell on Ebay -
"YES!!" I was amazed at how simple it really is to list and sell. Everything is right on the website, just waiting for you to use their steps! Hurray. Now I'm searching the house for more Ebay treasures... Haven't really found any yet I don't think... but I'm working on it :) And waiting for a cheap listing day again.

Tracy asked me how difficult it was to sell and how did I figure out the shipping -
It was not difficult at all since one of my items was a Columbia jacket it perfect condition - I just purchased one myself from ebay a few weeks ago so I knew what they were going for! I figured the shipping using the calculator - I didn't want to be one of those overpriced people - you know the kind... the item is $1.25 and the shipping is $10... I also just received a free shipment of 2 different sized boxes from ebay - they're the flat rate USPS boxes. For bigger $$ items, these boxes are perfect because it's a flat rate and you don't have to worry about calculating under (as I did on my jacket... only by about 50 cents though) or going out to the post office if you don't have a scale (as I obviously didn't...).

Bloggy Giveaways is getting ready to host another carnival! I'm pretty excited. I have two different giveaways that I'm going to be offering in the carnival this time. After winning 3 last time around I'm ready to spread the love! I'll be offering something from my Pampered Chef business as well as something from my new found love - beaded earrings!

Speaking of the earrings, tonight I signed up for an etsy account. I'm thinking of selling some of my earrings, if it seems that people enjoy them at the giveaway! I am hooked on beading, it's easy, and it's a total relief for me to sit down with that and just relax! Last night we watched 3 old episodes of House on DVD while I did some earrings! Now I've already made too many for myself and given away 4 pair for gifts... and I've only been doing this for a couple weeks?! See why I'm thinking a small sale wouldn't hurt?!?

So, stay tuned for my giveaways as well as the many, many others that will be coming Jan 28 - Feb 1!! I'm excited to see what happens this time around :)

How's CVS treating ya'll?! As soon as my coupons come from my mom (hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday!) I'm off to make some great buys :)

Blessings on you and yours as you strive to live a frugal and fulfilling life. For a while we had slipped, but now as we're getting back on track (as my mind slowly has returned to normalcy following the insane working hours lately...) we are feeling the joy and relief of knowing we're doing the right thing! I hope that is true for you as well.

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