Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wow - What a Special!!

Over at Money Saving Mom she's asking about entrepreneurial things we do from home - I guess I do two different home jobs - both Teaching Piano and Pampered Chef. I also started my temp church secretary job full time a couple of weeks ago - all of those things really help lighten the load at home (although they keep me a little too busy), but it's a mostly fun journey! I've been enjoying starting up a website for piano, growing my PC client base, and learning more about business practices :) It's fun!!

In other news... Today I combined the bill pay from Mike's Wells Fargo account and mine into one - don't ask me why I was handling bills from BOTH accounts - some from one and some from the other. We have shared accounts, but separate log ins... On my account I have a Pampered Chef account besides our regular family accounts. Anyways, I figured this would save time/energy in the future!

Tonight it's time to continue the house decoration as well as time to do the dishes so we have clean cups and time to do laundry so I have clean underwear to wear tomorrow...

The life of a working woman - exhausting, but nice to be saving a little extra each month!!

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