Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's that time again...

Following a fun weekend with a good old friend who I haven't seen in years, it's time to get ready for the grind. Knowing that M-W are my busiest days because I teach and work (and knowing that I have a lot to get done at work tomorrow), I skipped out on going to Nathan/Theresa's with Mike tonight after church so that I could get a little shopping done (sadly, for instant food...) and get my house in order. I have a Pampered Chef show on Tuesday night so I think I got most (if not all) of my things packed and ready to go for that - all my sales slips and everything are printed and ready to go! Phew. I've got some fun specials at this party! I'm hoping it will be a good one!

Mike and I get to go to the Family Life Today Marriage Conference this coming weekend - he has to "work" which means during free time we have to be at the radio booth. Other than that we participate in everything and stay at a hotel complements of the station! We need a little vacation - even if we are going to be working! Mike will also be getting paid to be on vacation on weekend... And we drive the company car, not ours :) Hurray for job perks!

My friend Beth (the real secretary that I'm filling in for) is in labor finally!! She's 2 days late and is SO happy - her water broke around 3:30 so hopefully we'll be hearing something tomorrow morning!!!

Well, I think I should figure out what to wear tomorrow and go and relax with my dog for a little bit - that's always a fun thing to do!!

I'm excited to get to CVS this week - some great deals!!!!! I'll let you know what I find after I find them!!

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Lori, Landon and Logan said...

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The Bargain Shopper Lady
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