Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Working away a Wednesday...

It's been a very full week so far!

On Monday night Mike and I took a trip to Express to return a shirt that I bought simply because it was on a good clearance sale, not because I specifically needed or loved it. I also had a 15% coupon for one item of my choice, so I did get a long sleeved cotton shirt that I actually did need (and I must say that I've been wearing and LOVING it all day long!). Then we went to CVS - Mike was very impressed with the system. I took my pictures, but need to get them to the computer so I can share them with you - will do that soon as I can! I forgot a couple of things when I made my list so I'll have a second trip there sometime this week :) It was a fun night, especially since Mike skipped his "guy tv night" with friends just because I wanted some US time! What a sweet boy :)

Yesterday was a very full day! I was so busy there was no time to even think about spending money!! I worked from 8:15-3:30, taught from 4-5:15, and then did a Pampered Chef show until 10 pm. Then it was supper time. Mike taped House so we could watch it together, but unfortunately I fell asleep in the first half hour! It was a long day!

Today has been sleepy, but profitable. Teaching, working, and printing up invitations for my students' Christmas recital. That's coming up in 2 and a half weeks already! Wow, how time flies.

I'm so excited - I won a THIRD giveaway in the carnival :) Thanks so much Lori!! I'm definitely excited to participate in the next Bloggy Giveaways carnival :) Thanks for all the fun things ladies. I'm feeling mighty blessed right now - a great way to keep my head up through the busy and crazy times of life!

Well, it's time to head to church orchestra practice.

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