Sunday, November 4, 2007


I've participated in my first blog carnival and I won 2 OF THE GIVEAWAYS! What a surprise - I usually don't win anything!! I'm excited to win a craft book from Rebecca and an alphabet stamp set from Daisy!! I'll have to jump on the giving bandwagon come the next carnival in a couple months! How fun is this?! I think I'll do a little Pampered Chef giveaway basket for my gift next year!! Thanks ladies for your generosity! I'm very excited :)

Mike's parents were here this weekend - how fun! Mike's dad just happens to be a plumber who had a very nice (and WAY bigger than our old sink which we needed since we don't have a dishwasher) sink and faucet in their shop that they couldn't sell since they were not being made anymore. Well, now those things are installed and working beautifully in my kitchen! It's WONDERFUL having a sink deep enough for soaking and properly washing dishes!! We're really excited.

We also made a couple of other improvements to the kitchen and back entry area this weekend - well the boys did... Hurray! Now I have my Uppercase Living wall words to apply to the walls - hurray for fun and decorating and personalizing our house. We just ordered our housewarming gift from my aunt and uncle - a beautiful white entry table from Target. Hopefully that will come soon so we can set it up and get moving on the living room renovation (actually it's more like decoration, but feels like renovation...).

Hope you are all ready for another exciting week!! Enjoying the early darkness?! I'm not... although it was nice to get up with the sun today instead of the moon...

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daisyaday said...

Isn't is amazing what you appreciate when you haven't had it for a while?

I've been in the same house for almost nineteen years, and every time we do something to upgrade it, I love, love, love it!

Hurray for a new sink!