Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Good Saturday

Today, following our women's Bible study, we headed into Amish country - I had no idea that less than 45 minutes from my house is a large settlement. I have always found Amish things/people/ways fascinating. Such an interesting lifestyle - and so much that is really contrary to the Scriptures I do believe. But, anyway, we headed to a bulk food store - one of the 3-4 of that type in the settlement area. I bought a pound of corn starch for 40 some cents, some lovely licorice candy, cinnamon sticks, and tasty a cappuccino chocolate candy mix. One of the ladies in the group paid 80 cents for 2 pounds of flour - fresh, whole wheat flour! All of their spices come in a variety of sizes and are all VERY great prices. Plus, there is beautiful furniture to test out in this shop. There are around 40 shops in the area, some are geared more towards the Amish - buggy repair, horse shoeing, etc., but there are plenty of general goods and bakeries and such! I'll be heading back there again. What a nice day to spend a little time in another land...

We also watched Transformers today - I was very surprised. I didn't plan to watch, then when I started it I figured I'd nap... but instead I was very involved! How fun.

We had dinner tonight with the Gerdes family. Great times as always. Now, Mike and I have just finished cleaning all the rooms except the kitchen (oh, and my desk now has a new pile of things to sort/handle). I think that we'll just have to do dishes and such tomorrow because I'm tired and ready to be done! Now that I'm working it's hard to have time/energy to clean, so it was great to get it done tonight. We even got all the laundry put away (thanks honey).

Oh, I forgot to write about yesterday's shopping trip to Ames - I met my "aunt" there and we shopped at JC Penney's - my favorite store when it's big enough to have choices (here in Waterloo that's not really the case...). We ended up spending $120 for clothes and saving $130 from sales - that's really quite amazing! Now I believe I have enough choices for tops/skirts for work! Well, I could really just use a couple more essentials - a pair of dressy brown pants, a pair of dressy black pants, and a dress black long sleeved knit shirt to go with my two new skirts! Hurray!! I don't like shopping, I don't like spending, but I do like shopping when someone is with me doing all the work (and picking up the tab - what a blessing!).

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