Friday, August 20, 2010

Taking Care of Business

This month has had its ups and downs

And I'm not going to brag because it's been pretty stinky

Money is T I G H T - when my job goes practically nonexistent during the summer (yay teaching piano lessons and babysitting) things get tough

This year we didn't plan ahead

We've never planned ahead

We've also never had a car payment, a toddler, high gas prices,.........


God is in the business of taking care of business

We've been plugging away after Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace class

We've been doing our best to be smart and wise stewards

We've been working hard on budgets, cash, and extra payments

And God likes that I think

This month was looking rough - last month of the summer - no more floating money to save us


...We were offered some side work at a local business for a couple hours a week
...A few students came for extra lessons this month
...I started babysitting again
...Our electric bill ended up being only $20 as we were involved in a meter read date change
...Our credit card bill (yes, we have a balance - it's too high - the cards are literally frozen now...) had a $6 lower fee this month
...We will be able to cancel our expensive and frustrating cell phone plan tomorrow for free - end of contract
...I was asked to fill in for one of the church secretaries this week - work I did mostly from home

So, it's all working out

I'm just getting grayer by the moment...

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