Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back-To-School Swagbucks Week

Now, I must admit I don't really go for the whole back-to-school thing... really... how is that exciting... Summer is over... Freedom is gone...


Swagbucks is making the week much sweeter if you ask me!

Check it out...

Swagbucks is fighting the Back-To-School blues all this week with lots of fun promotions! First, you'll have the chance to win five different limited edition back-to-school themed Swag Bucks - if you snag them all, you'll earn a 50 Swag Buck bonus! Plus, they're having another Swag Code Extravaganza on Thursday, where you'll get at least 5 codes for extra bucks. If you're not already searching and winning on, head over now and enter the code BackToSchool for 40 bonus bucks during registration - that means with the 30 bucks you get for signing up you'll have earned 70 bucks before you've done ANYTHING!!!

I'm telling you... if you haven't started Swagbucks yet, I highly recommend it - I've earned $100 in Amazon cards in the year or so I've been using the Swagbucks search engine. I have bookmarked my favorite site's swagbucks search site (so my Gmail bookmark takes me to a swagbucks search for gmail...) and earn bucks each day by doing simple, normal searches. I take a poll and check surveys most days and that's another 2 bucks right there. I earn from my referrals - all you peeps who have signed up under me. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Give it a try today!

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