Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gardening Update, Failures, and a Plea for Help!

This year we started our first real veggie garden and we got to work on the front yard landscaping

- 2 Varieties of Bush Beans in 2 small rows
- 1 Variety of Head Lettuce
- 1 Variety of Leaf Lettuce
- 1 Variety of Baby Leaf Spinach

- Red and Yellow Onion Sets
- 21 Magic Lilies

- 1 Nice Sized Bunch of Green Rhubarb
- 1 Tiny Bunch of Red Rhubarb
- 4 Varieties of Tomatoes (4 plants total - thanks Dad!)
- 1 GINORMOUS Bunch of Day Lilies (split into 7 sections - thanks Dad!)
- 6 Hostas (split into 10 total sections - thanks MaL!)
- 6 Raspberry Bush Trimmings (thanks Jody)
- 1 Wild Rose Trimming (thanks Jody)
- Various Volunteers: Salvia, Moss Rose, Vinca, Snow on the Mountain (thanks Jody)

Here's what's happened:

After a few weeks of horribly hot, dry weather, now we've been having chilly, icky, ridiculously rainy days.

My tomatoes, rhubarb, day lilies, and most of the hostas look terrific
Half of the raspberries look great
The wild rose trimming we tried didn't work
The salvia is doing well
The other volunteers have been terrorized by our dog and various hole digging animals... But they're trying to grow
The lettuce (both varieties) has disappeared - vanished - rained out - drowned - dead - gone
The beans are growing
The onions are terrific
The spinach has seen better days
The magic lilies look a little brown and nasty - but maybe they're supposed to
The tomatoes are HUGE and growing and happy and blooming

And half of the hostas and all of the beans are full of little holes...
Some kind...
Slugs maybe?

So, my plea for help - WHAT to do for the holey plants that need help?!?!?!?!


Matt and Becky said...

My mother-in-law told me that her hostas are getting slugs... and that she heard you can put coffee grounds around them to make the slugs stay out. She also heard of some kind of rock/gravel that is fine for us to touch, but too sharp for slugs to crawl over. I guess you can use that around them, too. Not sure if either idea works, but you could try!

Beth said...

O.k. Amy, here's what you do. The holes are most likely from insects. Slugs tend to gnaw plants down, not holes. Try some insecticidal soap...it is a mild insecticide that is pretty harmless for animals and kiddos. They could also be from catepillars in which case you may have some beautiful butterflies if you don't do anything. But, most likely from some pesky little insects...I'm seeing them on my garden plants too. Good luck. B

Nicole @ Splitcybernality said...

I'd like to see some picks

Cheryl said...

My hostas have the same thing going on, as well as some of my other flowers. I'm going to treat for slugs (got a slug/snail killer, but I'm hearing that cornmeal around the base works). I did a test to make sure it stays "sharp" even after it gets wet, which is an every day occurrence!! And since my roses have black spots got something for that. As for the other flowers, I'm assuming that it's a fungus, which considering that it just keeps raining and raining might be a reasonable assumption. Just what I'm trying!