Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Life

Isn't it great watching spring come again? I sure think so! After months of cold, dreary darkness, warmer and brighter days are here again.

I always think it's interesting how fast we shed our winter coats, boots and hats here in the midwest. Weather like we're enjoying right now (50's or so...) would probably be considered chilly across much of the world. But we love it here.

Each winter I forget how great being outside really can be. I forget that sunshine really does make me feel better.

It makes me wonder what else I tend to forget too easily...

... God's goodness

... God's faithfulness

... My need for personal time with God

... My husband's needs

... My friends' and family's needs

... Those we support around the world in missions

How about you? Are you being awakened to something you too easily forget?

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