Friday, March 19, 2010

How Do You Pay It Off?!?

We Owe How Much?!?

Not just a catchy title
Not just a silly phrase

It's really us

We've been raised in a culture of desire
a culture of want
a culture of easy money

But we're grown ups now... Paying for years of college we never should have been able to pay for... Paying for too many dinners purchased on credit... Paying for a car much nicer than we planned on buying...

Where does this stuff come from? This desire for more? This need for the best? This get it now, don't worry about paying for it later mentality?

We are on a quest here in our house. A quest to get out of debt. A quest to end our dependence on a bi-weekly paycheck. A quest towards freedom.

We're working our way out of the "American Dream" hole we find ourselves in

And it's G R E A T!!!

Thanks to our tax refund this year we have reached the $1000 savings mark and are ready to start paying off those debts faster

Thanks to our tax refund this year, we will be $1000 CLOSER to paying off our smallest debt, a private loan Mike had for college

Thanks to really working at sticking to our budget and our cash envelope system we haven't put any purchases on our credit card in over a month - none - zip - nada - no excuses - nothing

Starting in May we're going to take Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Course at church to learn more ways to work our way up and out

We can do it

We're ready

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