Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Preview

As I digest what we heard and learned this weekend I am filled with an urgent need to share. I want to share how God has changed my life. I want to offer encouragement. I want to remind you that we are no perfect and we always need a little help. And, because I best process by recording my thoughts, this is my easiest way to remember!

Before we left last weekend I was busy. Baby, House, Teaching, Church, Friends, Internet... I didn't really think we needed to go to this weekend. You see, we went two years ago. We've been happily married for about 3.5 years. We have a baby at home to keep us busy. I'm not really a lecture learner.

I was w r o n g

All of these reasons show you how I am not the perfect wife. Not the perfect woman. I had excuses for not wanting to spend a few days alone with the man I married. Why?

Because I felt like I didn't know him anymore.

We had both allowed things to come in the way of us. These things weren't bad. These things weren't sin. These things were necessary life, or at least many were "necessary" until this weekend.

So, join me as I recap some of the poignant topics and insights I gleaned from our Weekend to Remember.

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