Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hurray for A Spring Day

This past weekend we enjoyed time in MN at my parent's house. It was a good time - always enjoyable to visit "home" and enjoy some relaxation and fun!!

On the way back on Sunday we had two problems:
1) Mommy was in terrible pain the entire trip. The 4 hour trip was followed by a trip to convenient care to see if the pain in the back/side was from my kidney or my fall on the ice on Friday + pilates on Saturday. Luckily it was just a muscle problem, unfortunately I wasn't able to get any "good" drugs since I'm nursing. So, today is the first day I've not really been in pain!
2) Bekah got continuously more congested sounding. The congestion turned into a full blown cold - how sad! It was just in her nose Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, but last night moved to her chest and now she's coughing. Neither of us have had much sleep as I've been busy worrying about her coughing and she's been busy coughing. She's been sweet enough to share with me and I'm dealing with a pretty nasty cough, I lost my voice, and now I'm getting it in my head! Oh well, tis the season I guess.

BUT - all these problems have lost their depressingness because of the 60+ weather we had today! I was so excited. I packed up Bekah, Cooper, and Tucker and braved the park for an hour and a half today - a great time was had by all four of us! The boys LOVED getting dirty in the sand, sliding, climbing, and everything else boys do at parks. Bekah really liked watching them - she was wide eyed and happy the whole time we were there! Phew. What a relief it was to have a nice day after so many cold and sick days lately!!


Matt and Becky said...

Don't you wish moms could take sick days, too? :) Wow, you guys got some great weather today! The sun decided to stay behind the clouds here, so we didn't get out of the 40's. Oh, well... spring will (hopefully) be here soon enough!

AmyG said...

I'm sorry you & Bekah are sick! I hope you both feel better soon.

Enjoy the weather. I can't believe it snowed Sunday/Monday and this weekend, we are forcasted to have temps in the 70's. How crazy! lol