Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time Flies...

Apparently being a busy mom is taking a toll on my blogging! Mike and Bekah are cozy over at his computer right now so I'll take a minute to update ya'll on our lives :)

The piano issues have been resolved, at least temporarily. I explained to the family why their attitudes/actions were not okay and how it's not my problem if their child chooses not to practice. I thought they'd quit, but instead they've brought their daughter twice now and she's actually made progress... Miracles do happen! I've started a new student - the younger sibling of another student. She's very excited to be starting which is always fun from a teacher's standpoint! So, at the moment I have 10 students and will probably have an 11th back sooner or later, but there was a family death over Christmas and so they're having a hard time getting back in the swing of things.

The weather here has been insane - in fact, on Thursday our town broke the ALL TIME LOWEST TEMP EVER -34F. Yup, that's air temp, before windchill. This week was a crazy one - the kids were out early on Monday (all my students still came) due to snow. I didn't babysit that day. Tuesday they went 2 hours late (I did babysit) due to snow (and I taught my 2 students too). Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all canceled due to the insanely cold temps! Apparently they couldn't start the buses due to the cold. So 3 of my students didn't come on Wednesday. I only babysat on Friday so that Jess could do payroll - even though she didn't have to teach! What a crazy week.

It was nice to be home - got caught up on cleaning, laundry, working out, resting, etc... However, I did get a little tired of feeling like all I was doing was working and nursing. For the first time I was a bit tired of being the human feeding machine. It's better now that we've been able to do a few things, it was just rather tiring I guess...

We're struggling with bills, bills, bills - we just keep getting MORE from the NICU, Doctor, Hospital, etc... I didn't think that we were responsible for so many of them - and after talking to Sarah today I've a renewed sense of energy in calling the insurance company to figure it all out. If only I really KNEW what was going on, that would be helpful. Did you know that a neonatologist can charge $5900 for 5 - 5 minute NICU visits?! Apparently he can. I think I'm in the wrong profession!

OO - I don't know if I've ever posted about our new car! We bought a 2004 Red Grand Am. We got it last Saturday and it's such a blessing to NOT have to share - especially this week with the bitter cold, I was so greatful to NOT have to get out with Bekah to take Mike and pick him up. The car has a black leather interior and a sunroof - both fun little perks! It's got great traction control and anti-lock brakes - what a step up for us. AND a huge blessing is that our insurance premiums increaed only $10 a month - praise the Lord!

This afternoon we hung out with the Oldres (see Sarah's blog link above) - she brought a very tasty Gluten AND Dairy free wild rice soup, I had some salad, bread, and drinks. We played our new game "Quelf" - what a hilarious and fun game. We've had many fun game dates with Tim and Sarah but not in the last year or so - being NOT sick/pregnant is so fun!! We can get back to fun with friends again. Bekah was a great baby while we hung out and had some grown-up fun. Ahh... fun relaxation.

I've been enjoying our Wii Fit again now that I'm not "obese" and gaining weight every day! It's actually a fun way to do some yoga, strength training, and funny balance games. I don't think it's the only working out I should ever do, but it is entertaining. I've heard rumors of an actual workout program being built for the Wii by some fitness guru... That would be excellent!!

Well, I think it's time to get a few more "Saturday" things done, like finishing the laundry.

Thanks for the chat - it was fun catching up with you again.

Enjoy some of the latest pics of our little Beauty!!** Bekah has found her hands this week - she's so proud of herself - and adorable too!! **

** Her Adorable Outfit from "Auntie Em" in South Dakota (one of my great college friends/roommates) **


AmyG said...

-34 is definitely cold! Yikes! Yay on the new car. That's great.

Yikes on the bills. My oldest was in the NICU for 4 days, when she was born & our bill was for over $8000. I almost died. But it was all completely covered with insurance. I hope you can get it all worked out.

Beautiful pictures of Bekah. She's growing so fast!

Jamie said...

Bekah looks so adorable! It's so fun to see some new pictures! Glad to hear life is going pretty well - you're so blessed to be able to stay home and still bring in some income! I definitely hear ya about the feeding machine feeling - there are always those days (or weeks). How highly would you recommend the Wii? Joel is begging for one!