Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Challenges

2009 is starting off so differently than any other year of my life!

Today is my 26th birthday. Unlike many birthdays past, this one is busy as I start up my new schedule - I'm back to babysitting and teaching.

It's fun being with the boys again - they're so cute as they play upstairs at my house right now. I'll be going there M,T,T,F and they'll be here on W as I'm teaching early (and most of my students are on W). Cooper is getting so big and he's got so much to say. Tucker is walking now so that's just crazy!

I'll have 3 students coming in the next few hours to start up the new semester. I currently have 9 of my 12 students registered and returning to lessons. 2 decided to quit and 1 hasn't gotten back to me yet, and one of those 9 may or may not stay with lessons. It's been rather frustrating getting ready to roll again. It seems that a few of my students didn't work on piano at all during my maternity leave and have decided that they don't want to continue - 1 of them was already "on the fence" about working on piano/staying with it before I had Bekah so I wasn't surprised there. However, the other who quit was a total surprise and the student who may or may not continue seems to be blaming the lack of practicing on my maternity leave! I worked really hard to have plenty for my students to do while I was on my break - I don't think it's my responsibility to be sure they worked during break. In fact, I was assuming most WOULDN'T practice over the break because I know that's how it usually goes. So, anyway, there have been some rather rude emails coming my way from one family and that's resulted in an already worked up Amy getting pretty emotional and exhausted!

Bekah has been interesting today. She can't decide if she's tired, hungry, or sad. Although, she's clearly decided to be MAD most of the day. I think the weekend with family visiting was super fun, but apparently draining on the baby :( She's been spitting up so much more again - I did have more dairy products over the weekend than I did the last few weeks, so I'm hoping that was the problem.

I had 2 wisdom teeth removed on Friday - EEK. All 4 of mine have come in and been "functional" teeth, but now they're cavity riden - thanks to not being able to brush well way back there (or simply thanks to my horrible teeth issues). So, they pulled the 2 on the left side since the bottom left was causing me a lot of pain. That tooth broke while he was pulling it so the roots are still in - not sure if that's the pain I'm experiencing or if it's just left over from the pulling... At least I wasn't swollen and haven't been on a restricted diet or anything like that! And, really the actual pulling wasn't too bad - I was SO nervous though!

Bekah had her 2 month appointment last Monday - she's a whopping 11lbs 13 oz and 23 inches long - that's 75% apparently! Yay baby :)


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! And Happy 2009! Looking forward to hearing how God provides!

AmyG said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry about all the piano drama. :o( I hope it works itself out quickly.

Way to grow, Bekah!