Saturday, October 4, 2008

35 Weeks and Counting

Tomorrow marks 35 weeks. We're so close. All of the sudden the "fear" of labor has started to set in. Every random contraction I get, every strange twinge... We'll see how much longer Little L wants to stay in there.

My church family gave me a baby shower on Thursday Night - it was SO fun! They had decorated the room with all sorts of fall decorations - even little pumpkins with pacifiers :) There were tons of tasty fall treats (pumpkin... apple... my favorites!). One of our Pastor's Wives gave a very special devotional. She had 3 pregnancies - 5 babies! She said that she's sure I'm READY since she delivered her single baby at 24 weeks, one set of twins at 28 and the other set of twins at 32. I was blessed with many gifts - from the adorable to the practical to the necessary! We were able to have dinner with some friends before the shower - we've not hung out with them as couples for a LONG time - not much since I got pregnant. So, it was really fun to eat with them too.

Yesterday we realized that we have had my grandma's older laptop sitting in our closet for the last few months (years?!). Mike got it all hooked up with Wi-fi and cleaned up lots of unnecessary stuff and now I can enjoy the computer down on the couch instead of up in the office - at my desk where it's only comfortable for a little while at a time. I've been catching up on "chatty" emails this afternoon while trying to rest and not worry about contractions or anything else.

Mike took DOWN the crib this afternoon. We'll have to take it back to Target soon to get our $$ back. Ah recalls. But, the IKEA crib is now at my parent's house waiting to be delivered to us when baby comes! After he took down the crib, Mike set up the Pack 'n Play (a shower gift!!) in its place - so that it wouldn't look "funny" at that spot in the nursery. This Pack 'n Play is quite deluxe... It has a bassinet, a changing table, a mobile, a vibration/music/nightlight thing... Wowie. Now we know how it looks all set up :)

Well, my dear husband is making crepes right now - we have some tasty apple pie filling to put inside of them tonight! Yum. I'm pretty hungry and so happy that he's making dinner :)


Colleen said...

The shower sounds fun (and the crepes very yummy). Best wishes for a peaceful remainder of your pregnancy!

Jennifer said...

what fun! I hope everything goes well, it sounds like you are ready.